The mind is strong and information overload makes it difficult to judge at times what’s right or wrong. I firmly believe a solution is always to be found within ourselves. This might not lead to complete healing. However, in order to improve and make positive changes we can sometimes, use a technique to allow for a shift within a different plane.

I often use the following example:

Imagine yourself at the entrance to an amusement park. Upon entering, you encounter all thoughts, emotions and fears from your upbringing, such as: “Do not do this or that”. Often, we are not aware that we are perpetuating our history; we self regulate based on rules of upbringing. This can prevent
us from living out our own experience. The fact is we live other’s.

The same person, who is innocent, not marked by constraints of upbringing is, upon entering the amusement park, intrigued by different rides and entertainment activities; he/she does not have inner voices telling him otherwise; he will want to do it for the sheer fun of it. Even if there are mistakes, unpleasant circumstances, coming out of the entertainment park, he has made his own unshaded life experience. Not many of us are allowed this unbiased experience of life.

The following can help to address the mind boggle:

• Practice awareness of negative mental reactions by listening to the body’s signals

• Keep a journal of the situations that create negative thought process to recognize patterns

• Make a conscious effort to shift the pattern by using visualization, redirecting thoughts and changing activities