Food is our fuel. We need to eat in order to supply energy and building blocks to support the body’s functions. As our society evolved, so did the culture of gastronomy.

Now we don’t just need food, we find pleasure in it. There is a paradox here – the more refined our tastes became, so did the food. We have refined many food sources to achieve faster and more intense palate pleasure. But this leads to a variety of health problems, as our system can easily be overloaded.

We can be sensitized to anything we eat, which will affect the immune system and all experiences. And allergies creep up on us over time, as they often develop over the course of person’s life, provoked by environment and circumstances.

Our physical, emotional, mental and energetic body depends on a functioning GI system. Some foods cause inflammation on the gut lining and by doing so weaken the overall protective mechanism against irritants.

The food groups that most often cause sensitivity are gluten, dairy, chicken, eggs and citrus, but it could be anything, depending on person’s bio-individuality. The sensitivity to a food group weakens our defenses overall and prolong recovery time from even the
minor ailments.

Elimination diet:

To find out your own bio-individuality, make a note of the food you have a weakness for and test their effect on you, by eliminating it from your diet:

• avoid the suspect food for 7 days
• on day 8, indulge as much as possible
• if you are sensitive to the food group, you should have a reaction

You should expect not just a physical reaction, such as stomach pain, headache or diarrhea. All the bodies are affected by a compromised GI tract, and you can experience mood swings, dark emotions, clouded mind. If you have a reaction, on any of the levels, you are more then likely sensitive to the particular food group and should avoid it.

However, if you do not perceive a reaction, then you are not sensitive and you can continue eating your favorites!

Experiment with your individual diet and try to eliminate potential allergens to discover your own unique bio-individuality.