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“We are all individuals and I consult with the whole person in mind. I believe it is vital to look at case of a whole person, including symptoms, history and long term patterns, to determine the subtle energies and unique causes of the presenting illness. That is especially relevant in the case of chronic disease, chronic inflammation.”

Dr. Joachim Fuchs


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Dr. Joachim Fuchs offers alternative holistic approach to chronic health conditions. With unrelenting passion, he reaches out to guide patients into awareness of each of their particular set of conditions with a rich arsenal of health fields. He combines in a unique way his medical, homeopathic, nutritional and vibrational training to allow for understanding of underlying body-mind connections, he helps reveal triggers to inflammation and guides toward gradual, gentle yet effective combat of persistent conditions.

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Dr. Joachim Fuchs, a lecturer and complementary health educator

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Author: Dr. Fuchs

Dr. Fuchs has written a companion book
entitled Beyond the Waiting Room. The book leads you through the paces of the
seminar series and offers a thorough guide to the Integral Bodies Praxis as well as
encouragement to explore your journey with new understanding of your health


Beyond the Waiting Room

You are invited to attend Beyond the Waiting Room, a series of seminars that will empower with knowledge of your particular set of conditions, guide to identify triggers to inflammation and motivate agency to restore health and life flow. Send a note for more information for the next upcoming series.

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